"When I encounter great ideas from ambitious people, I want to encourage them to reach their potential by working closely together with them and connecting them within the myWorld group. That way, those ideas do not only become a reality, but a success."

"My entrepreneurial vision plants the seeds, the myWorld Group lets them blossom. Having all our brands and companies under one roof makes for great synergies that increase our global success."











Cashback World, as a global player, offers unique shopping benefits to more than 15 million Shoppers in 49 countries as well as innovative customer loyalty programmes to more than 150,000 Partners.

With millions of products from tens of thousands of Partners, myWorld.com is the online marketplace that excites shoppers as well as businesses around the globe. Here you can shop local while you get global.

travelWorld offers every travel enthusiast a whole new world of travelling. With hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world at the best prices as well as Cashback and Shopping Points for every booking. Travel at its best.

By adopting innovative approaches to developing ideas, products and business models, the 360 Lab Innovation Group not only acts as a think tank for the myWorld group of companies. It also supports start-ups in conquering the international markets.

Organic+ products use the healing power of nature to help maximise the bodily performance, vitality and our general sense of well-being. So, Organic+ relies exclusively on natural ingredients that have proven to be a success.

eventWorld not only manages digital ticket marketing for events of all kinds, but also provides a comprehensive service to event organisers. By allowing organisers to get to know their customers better, they improve the event experience for both organisers and visitors.